About Us

As a full-service baseball agency, the ZS Sports team has experience advancing our players’ interests throughout their careers.

With a team that includes lawyers, agents, and a former professional player, we push to position our clients for success in the draft process, to help them navigate important decisions, and to maximize their opportunities at the negotiating table.

Clubs are now run by business executives. Player decisions are made using proprietary mathematical algorithms. The old ways of doing business are over, as are the old ways of negotiating contracts. On top of this, all baseball agencies are not equal, and many are still playing by the rules of the past.

We understand that each negotiation—no matter the size—is the most important negotiation for that player. From a $102 million free agent contract to salary arbitration to minor league deals, our agents and lawyers give each negotiation their full attention.

We are further distinguished from the masses of baseball agencies in important ways:

1. ZS Sports is part of Zuckerman Spaeder, a leading national law firm with extensive sports law experience that benefits our MLB clients – whether in negotiations, arbitrations, investigations, or litigation.

2. ZS Sports offers an innovative fee structure that – when compared to a traditional agency – frequently translates into significant cost savings for our clients.

The ZS Sports team is smart, strategic, innovative, and respected by influential MLB decision-makers.

Better service at a better price that’s tough to beat.
- Trevor Bauer

What sets us apart

.667 WINNING PERCENTAGE in salary arbitration over the last decade

PERSONALIZED SERVICE service with industry clout