Contract Negotiations

“I’ve worked with Jon and Tim through my last time in salary arbitration and free agency, in which I became the highest-paid player in MLB history. I think the results speak for themselves. Even better, their fee structure rewards players for their success on the field and allows them to keep more of the money they’ve earned than they would at a traditional agency. Better service at a better price. That’s tough to beat.”

– Trevor Bauer

As a team comprised of leading lawyers, agents, and a former player, we understand player motivations and priorities, as well as how to translate their ambitions into effective strategies that meet their objectives.

Whether it is securing a record-setting free-agent deal for a Cy Young Award winner, delivering an industry-leading salary arbitration settlement for a Silver Slugger, or maximizing the next contract for a “Comeback Player of the Year,” ZS Sports strives to put its clients on level footing with the most educated and experienced MLB executives, allowing our clients to focus on their game and trusting that their representation will maximize their hard work and potential.

“Finalized one of the most unusual and fascinating contracts in American professional sports”
- Wall Street Journal

What sets us apart

Sought-after agency experience bolstered by TOP TIER LEGAL ADVICE

Praised for creative, RECORD-BREAKING contracts

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