Fee Structure

ZS Sports offers an innovative fee structure that frequently delivers its services at a lower price than a traditional agency.

Unlike traditional agencies that charge a 5% commission on the total value of a player’s salary following arbitration proceedings, we utilize a player-friendly model that halves that and adds only our fees at reduced hourly rates and the expenses incurred by our team during the process. By employing a 5% fee cap, our approach never exceeds the traditional commission model for salary arbitration and often results in significant cost-savings for our clients.

The benefits of our model are further realized for contracts signed after six years of Major League play when we drop our rate to 1.5% plus fees and expenses, with a cap of 4% of the income for each year of the contract.

Over the life of a three-year, $45 million contract, our model has the potential to save a player approximately $1.5 million.

ZS Sports Cost Savings

Projected Agent Fees – 3 years / $45 Million Free Agent Deal
Over the life of a 3 Year / $45 million dollar contract, the ZS Sports model could save a player approximately $1,300,000.

Projected Agent Fees

Over a 1 year / $10 million dollar salary arbitration contract, the ZS Sports model could save a player approximately $175,000.

Credited with negotiating “one of the most unique contracts in MLB history.”

What sets us apart

A true “PLAYER FIRST” mentality

OUTSTANDING SERVICE, superior legal minds and phenomenal advice” – Client Feedback reported by U.S. News & World Report

Forget the standard 5% agent fee. ENVISION A POTENTIAL $1.5 million in savings

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