Fee Structure

ZS Sports offers an innovative fee structure that frequently delivers its services at a lower price than a traditional agency.

Unlike traditional agencies that charge a 5% commission on the total value of a player’s salary following arbitration proceedings, we utilize a player-friendly model that halves that and adds only our fees at reduced hourly rates and the expenses incurred by our team during the process. By employing a 5% fee cap, our approach never exceeds the traditional commission model for salary arbitration and often results in significant cost-savings for our clients.

The benefits of our model are further realized for contracts signed after six years of Major League play when we drop our rate to 1.5% plus fees and expenses, with a cap of 4% of the income for each year of the contract.

Over the life of a three-year, $45 million contract, our model has the potential to save a player approximately $1.5 million.

ZS Sports Cost Savings

Projected Agent Fees – 3 years / $45 Million Free Agent Deal
Over the life of a 3 Year / $45 million dollar contract, the ZS Sports model could save a player approximately $1,300,000.

Projected Agent Fees

Over a 1 year / $10 million dollar salary arbitration contract, the ZS Sports model could save a player approximately $175,000.

Credited with negotiating “one of the most unique contracts in MLB history.”

What sets us apart

A true “PLAYER FIRST” mentality

OUTSTANDING SERVICE, superior legal minds and phenomenal advice” – Client Feedback reported by U.S. News & World Report

Forget the standard 5% agent fee. ENVISION A POTENTIAL $1.5 million in savings

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ZS Sports4 weeks ago
Cleveland #Guardians 22-year-old LHP prospect Will Dion was named the 2022 Low-A Carolina League pitcher of the year today. He led the league in ERA 2.26, strikeouts 142, WHIP 1.03 and AVG against at .207 while with the Lynchburg Hillcats. #ForTheLand https://t.co/qsw9g8EyhI
ZS Sports2 months ago
A hard earned call up for @natemondou. Proud of you Nate! Go barrel some up! https://t.co/4AOsmDEaHm
ZS Sports2 months ago
The Hillcats had a great first half, and lost much of its pitching staff by the end of the season. One pitcher who was there until the final weeks was LHP Will Dion, who is our 2022 Single-A pitcher of the year. https://t.co/9iCGeBKUie