Salary Arbitration

ZS Sports has not just won arbitration hearings—we have negotiated record-breaking arbitration settlements. Our results speak for themselves.

Over the last decade, in the cases presented by ZS Sports, we have a .667 winning percentage, which we believe is significantly higher than all other player cases over the same period. During the 2023 alone, MLB salary arbitration season, we presented six cases and won four. All other player cases went 2-11. We also negotiated the second-largest arbitration contract of all time for a starting pitcher—$17.5 Million in 2020.

As an accomplished and experienced leader in MLB salary arbitration, we are one of a small number of groups recommended to other agencies by the MLBPA to consult on, negotiate, prepare, and present cases.

Recent salary arbitration eligible players signed contracts worth over $1 Billion. As Clubs spend less in free agency and pay less to older players, salary arbitration has become the player’s path to financial security.

“Jon did an excellent job (on my salary arbitration case), I had complete confidence in him. He’s an experienced litigator.”
- Ross Ohlendorf, Former MLB Pitcher

What sets us apart

Second largest arbitration contract for a starting pitcher in the HISTORY OF ARBITRATION

PERSONALIZED SERVICE service with industry clout

Relentless advocates for our CLIENTS’ INTERESTS