Styling the ZS Sports Home Page

Sports players carousel

The player images and text are pulled from the ‘players’ custom post type. This list is accessible from the left-hand WordPress menu under ‘Players’.

The order of players in the carousel can be changed by dragging players up and down in the list. Players can be deleted with the ‘bin’ option. (note that like a desktop computer, items can be restored from the bin).

A player consists of a name in the title, a Team field and a Featured image added from the right-hand column.
(The team logo is not needed).

The large ‘hero’ quote is set at the end of the page – with attribution. There is also a tick box to allow the news to be shown or hidden. The home page like other pages allows for 3 pieces of infotext to appear in the blue infostat panel. These can be changed on a page by page basis, but will default to a standard set of 3. Use the bold tool in the toolbar to achieve the eggshell capitalized text.

Mission statement

The Mission Statement opening paragraph has a CSS Class on it (shown in the the advanced concertina on the right-hand column) of:


This class allows it to have special styling.

Navigation blocks

Similarly, the links with text of the home page are grouped together and have a CSS Class on them allowing them to be displayed in the block pattern (see below). Changing text should be fine without affecting the layout (although adding any extra sections could require a little bit of attention).

ZS Team Carousel

The team member images and text are pulled from the ‘Attorneys’ link on the WordPress left-hand menu.

In the same way as with players, attorneys can be reordered, deleted and edited from this list.

Attorneys have a title, a block of description text, and image, and a set of fields for adding specific content.

A secondary image can be optionally added to the carousel for any ‘with player’ images to be shown.

The Education field can have multiple lines added using the ‘add row’ option. Rows can be deleted by hovering and using the – (dash/negative) option on the right. Rows can be reordered by dragging the row up or down.

This is a pull quote

What sets us apart

SECOND LARGEST arbitration contract for a starting pitcher in the history of arbitration

Forget the standard 5% commission. ENVISION $1.5 MILLION IN SAVINGS

Compared to .461 for all agencies’ cases over the same period .666 WINNING PERCENTAGE